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We provide completely integrated services which cover designing to artwork, colour separation, cylinder engraving to selection of appropriate printing inks and solvents, choosing correct substrates (films), printing to selecting adhesives for bonding, curing, and slitting. This enables a perfect one stop printing and packaging solution. 

Special care is taken for edible products like biscuits & confectionary, spices, tea, pulses, sugar, atta, snacks, oil and alchohol.

For longer shelf life and options, we offer an array of packing material from single ply film to 3/4 ply laminates comprising of a combination of polyester films, metallised films, aluminium foil, BOPP, polythelene and other co-extruded non-toxic polymers.

Laminated printing is the most popular printing process. It has its advantages over other printing processes in the production of medium to long print runs, where uniform colour is required. Gravure can produce high quality multi-colour printing on a variety of materials ranging from film to foil to lightweight coated papers, with ease.